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Graduated from Gobelins (Paris) in 2018 with a Master of Arts in Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking, Sixtine Dano is a french director, illustrator, 2D animator and a background artist. In 2018 she directed, along with 3 of her classmates , Thermostat 6 an eco-fiction short-film which was awarded and selected in numerous film festivals. She also teaches animation at Ecole Estienne ( Graduate School of Arts and Printing Industry, Paris).  Besides her work in the animation industry, she is a climate activist with several non-violent climate organizations (Alternatiba, Greepeace, Youth for climate, Ende Gelande and Exctinction Rebellion) and is part of the media spokespersons of the climate NGO Action Climat Paris . She took part in the creation of Artists for climate , a network of committed artists who create to help climate organizations. She also contributed for engaged art collectives such as Les Artistes Alertes and Formes des Luttes .   PORTFOLIO DEMOREEL CHILDREN BOO

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