Graduated from Gobelins (Paris) in 2018 with a Master of Arts in Character Animation and Animated Filmmaking, Sixtine Dano is a french director, illustrator, 2D animator and a background artist. 

In 2018 she directed, along with 3 of her classmatesThermostat 6 an eco-fiction short-film which was awarded and selected in numerous film festivals.
She loves to share her knowledge and gave animation classes in Paris at Ecole Estienne 
and Gobelins l’école de l’image.  
Besides her work in the animation industry, she is a climate activist with several non-violent climate organizations (Alternatiba, Greepeace, Youth for climate, Ende Gelande and Exctinction Rebellion) and is part of the media spokespersons of the climate NGO Action Climat Paris.

She took part in the creation of Artists for climate, a network of committed artists who create to help climate organizations. She also contributed for engaged art collectives such as Les Artistes Alertes and Formes des Luttes

Outdoor lover, Sixtine likes to climb and hike in the mountains, she has a passion for analog photography and shares it on her second Instagram account.